Top 10 Best Amazon Prime Benefits Including Exclusive Discounts And A Free Membership

There are so many options available with Amazon Prime that it’s simple to lose track of them all. If you currently have a Prime subscription, you might be missing out on some amazing perks that might help you save money and make your life easier.

Here is a guide to Prime’s biggest benefits, whether you’re considering purchasing a subscription or you’ve already subscribed and want to make the most of your account. Four categories have been established: shipping, retail, entertainment, and services. If you sign up for an Amazon Prime Free Trial or research how to join Amazon Prime later, you may also try out the majority of these services for yourself.

Top 10 Best Amazon Prime Benefits Including Exclusive Discounts And A Free Membership:

1. Free Same-Day Delivery With Amazon Prime

Free two-day shipping was a feature of Amazon Prime day 2022 when it first started in 2005, but in this decade, Amazon has focused on delivering more items to its customers even faster. Nowadays, same-day delivery is free. You have access to Amazon’s same-day service if you reside in an allowing ZIP code (you can check if you’re eligible right here). Even on Sundays, according to Amazon, if you place your order by noon and select same-day delivery at the checkout, your box should arrive by 9 p.m. the same day.

Naturally, there are a few restrictions. One restriction is that not every item on Amazon qualifies and that your purchase must cost at least $35. When compared to the $9.99 per same-day order you would have to pay without Prime, Amazon will only charge you up to $2.99 for each order if it doesn’t reach that amount.

2. Free One-Day Delivery with Amazon Prime

If you can wait until the next day to get your delivery, you can avoid several of the stringent requirements for Same-Day Delivery. Why not, then? Although there are still alternative options accessible, as we’ve already indicated, it’s gradually evolving into Amazon’s norm. Coast-to-coast, free one-day delivery is offered with no purchase requirement.

There are still some limitations. Even though more than ten million items on Amazon are available for one-day delivery, not all of them are. Make sure to filter your search with “get it tomorrow” to see if the item you’re purchasing is offered on this plan. a pledge from Amazon? Although cutoff times do differ by zip code, you’ll receive your goods by 9 p.m. the next day.

3. Earn Money for No-Rush Amazon Prime Delivery

When you select No-Rush Shipping at the checkout, Amazon will reward you if you can hold off on receiving your products for a little while. Typically, once your product has shipped, you may use the rewards to purchase items like eBooks and amazon prime movies on Prime Video or receive discounts on your current transaction. The negative? Amazon picks the gift. Not you.

Every time you select this delivery method, you often receive a $5 credit towards Prime Now purchases (you only receive one sort of offer per sale). Amazon claims that your things will arrive within six business days, but in our experience, it usually takes much less time.

4. Try Wardrobe Essentials Before You Buy

Do you need new clothes? With Amazon Prime’s Try Before You Buy (formerly known as Prime Wardrobe), which gives Prime members the ability to try things on before committing to their new purchases, Amazon has you covered quite literally.

Try Before You Buy is essentially Amazon’s version of the changing room. As long as they have the Prime Wardrobe mark, you can use this service to pick up to six eligible articles of apparel, footwear, or accessories, and they will be mailed to you for free. After that, you have seven days to try them on and decide which ones you want to purchase.

Since your order is shipped in a resealable box with a pre-paid postage label, you are free to return anything you don’t like, no questions asked. Simply take it to an Amazon pickup location and ship it back there.

5. Share Amazon Household with Your Prime Benefits

Want to share some of your Prime benefits with your family members? Exactly for this purpose does Amazon Household exist. The catch is that you can share your Prime benefits with one other adult living in your home as long as both of you agree to share your payment options.

To be joined to your Amazon Household, your Prime Partner must have their own individual Amazon account. From there, you can distribute benefits like free two-day shipping. Teens and younger kids (up to four) can also be enrolled, but they will be subject to parental restrictions (younger kids cannot make purchases).

The problem? This arrangement might work for you and your spouse, but allowing your roommate access to your credit or debit card might be a deal-breaker. It’s up to you to determine if you feel comfortable doing so.

6. Access Unique Brands with Amazon Prime

In recent years, Amazon has aggressively increased the range of private-label products it offers. We noted that this sector has enormous business potential in our article about Costco’s Kirkland Signature goods, some of which are only accessible to cancel Amazon Prime membership subscribers.

One such private brand is Amazon Elements, a collection of vitamins and nutritional supplements available only to Prime members. With these goods, you can even scan a unique code included anywhere on the container to learn where each ingredient was sourced.

7. Unlimited Photo Storage with Amazon Photos

Snap away since Amazon Prime subscribers get 5GB of video storage and unlimited full-resolution photo storage through Amazon Photos. You can include up to five family members or friends in your subscription, and there is limitless backup space for all of your images.

Your images can be accessed after being backed up from any device with access to your Amazon Prime account. Comparatively, non-Prime subscribers are limited to 5GB of total Amazon Photos storage.

The same applies if you want to utilize Amazon Drive to store documents. Additionally, you can always pay for additional space if you need more storage than what Prime offers. Customers of Amazon Photos may also purchase monthly storage plans; 100GB plans cost $1.99 per month, while 1TB plans cost $6.99 per month.

Additionally, there’s no need to bother about labeling your photos because Amazon’s servers will arrange them for you. Use the Amazon app to upload your photos and then erase them from your phone if you want to clear up some space on your devices.

8. Amazon Prime for Students

Any college or university student will find Amazon Prime Student to be a huge benefit because it delivers the same great Prime benefits at a reduced price. New college students can receive a six-month free trial with a valid “.edu” email address (along with proof you’re attending at least one class) if they are enrolled in two- or four-year institutions. This one-time free trial includes free, two-day shipping on qualifying purchases, access to best movies on amazon prime, discounts on college necessities, and extra benefits like select Prime Video channels at steep discounts ($0.99 a month for items like EPIX, Showtime, and more), student-specific discounts for StudentUniverse Travel, Course Hero, and Calm, and free, two-day shipping on eligible purchases.

Students can continue to enjoy access to these benefits after the trial time at a discounted price of $7.49 per month or $69 per year.

9. Music for Free with Amazon Prime

If you don’t want to pay for Apple Music or Spotify, you could find this benefit to be music to your ears. In addition to everything we’ve discussed thus far, Amazon Music is a perk of Prime, giving you access to thousands of playlists and stations as well as more than 2 million songs that have been “hand-curated” by Amazon’s music specialists. Millions of podcast episodes are also available on the site if you like listening to them.

The main flaw with this is that, despite what many supporters claim, Amazon’s selection isn’t as extensive as that of its rivals. According to Amazon, “Prime Music’s catalog of songs and albums is ever-evolving. Occasionally, titles are withdrawn from the Prime Music catalog and new ones are added.

Give Amazon’s music app a try before you start paying for an ad-free listening experience elsewhere. You could upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited if you discover that it falls short of meeting all of your needs. More than 75 million songs, including recent releases, are available through this service for $7.99 per month to Prime members (after a 30-day free trial).

10. Free Audiobooks, Books, and Magazines on Amazon Prime Reading

With an Amazon Prime subscription, customers may access Prime Reading, which offers access to over a thousand books, magazines, comics, Kindle singles, novels with Audible narration, and much more.

You and your Amazon Household can take out up to 10 titles at once from a changing selection of titles thanks to this perk. You can access Prime Reading using the Kindle reading app, Kindle eReaders, or Amazon Fire tablets.

As a bonus, Prime subscribers have access to certain podcasts as well as other audiobooks and series through Audible Channels. To start listening, you must download the Audible app and sign in using your Amazon Prime account; otherwise, a complete Audible subscription is required. After a 30-day free trial, monthly rates begin at $7.95.

FAQS about Amazon Prime Benefits:

The fine print of the following features typically includes the following information. You’ll be able to appreciate these Amazon Prime benefits more fully if we explain them.

Why does the Same-Day Delivery option Disappear on Certain Items?

Usually, it occurs when you put several of the same items in your cart. If this occurs, either try again later or reduce the item quantities. The option would remain available if many units were available for same-day shipping.

Can you buy Amazon Prime Video exclusively?

Yes. You don’t need to buy the complete Amazon Prime Package to purchase Amazon Prime Video at a discounted price. Other benefits like shipping or delivery are not included.

What is the Difference between Prime Wardrobe and Prime Personal Shopper?

Personal Shopper provides ideas that are unique and personal. The “trial” function, which is offered in both initiatives, is more like Prime Wardrobe. In other words, Prime Wardrobe is just a less-personalized version of Prime Personal Shoppers.

Can you return Prime Wardrobe items After the 7-day Return Period?

Thankfully, absolutely. The standard amazon prime music fashion return procedures will apply to these items. Returns might not always be accepted but in the majority of cases they are.

Payment for Prime Wardrobes

Payment for Prime Wardrobes can only be made using credit cards. Payments are charged after products are checked out (or not returned), even when they are not pre-paid.


The benefits of Amazon Prime were therefore limited to those that we could list. Do you believe it is worth USD 119 each year? That would be entirely a matter of personal preference. However, I find that the numerous delivery and shipping benefits, as well as Amazon Prime Video, are more than attractive.

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