Top 20 Best Games like Corruption of Champions You Should Check Out

Everyone has a favorite pastime, whether it be watching movies, anime, comic books, or something else entirely, but video games are without a doubt the most popular option. Video games may help you get through your darkest moments as well as when you need to be creatively inspired. You have the freedom to do whatever you want when playing video games in a virtual environment. It provides the respite you need after a long, exhausting day. You have the choice to restart and refresh. So let’s prepare to recharge and arm ourselves as we go through some of these wonderful games.

Top 20 Best Games like Corruption of Champions You Should Check Out:

1. Fall of Eden

One of the greatest Corruption of Champions alternatives (or Corruption of Champions wiki-like games) is Fall of Eden. With its emphasis on a mystical theme including imps and demons, this game will grab your attention after only one playthrough.

Alder Games is the firm behind the creation of Fall of Eden. The player starts the game by investigating a deserted neighborhood spot and unintentionally finding a mystical gemstone, the portal between Earth and hell, which is populated by demons of Uru (the antagonist character).

The players will need to ask the goddess Aria for protection before facing up against Uru and demons. Characters in Fall of Eden may be easily customized with awesome skins and themes.

2. CoC2 (Corruption of Champions 2)

Trials in Another World, the successor to Corruption of Champions set in a parallel world, is the next game on our list of games like Corruption of Champions ii. CoC2 is just as entertaining and hasn’t let down players thus far.

The finest feature of CoC2 corruption of champions 2 cheats is its lack of graphic material, which may be disappointing to certain players. In this manner, you may play this game both in public and at work.

The game offers a variety of various engagement zones, each of which typically has its own set of places, dungeons, opponents, and treasures. Champions are free to wander in secure zones.

3. Flexible Survival

Flexible Survival is an excellent option if you’re seeking games like Corruption of Champions mods. The plot of Flexible Survival centers on Dr. Matthew Salacious’s investigation of the unusual changes afflicting the metropolis. He toils away within Trevor Labs, safe in his containment suit and protected by the mighty dragon Orthas.

The opening scenario of Flexible Survival depicts the beginning of the world after a viral epidemic, and it is up to you, the main character, to stay alive until the military arrives to help.

Slash-and-hack gameplay, many character and environment customization choices, stunning visuals, and many more elements are all included in this game. You may play Flexible Survival in your browser. Additionally, iOS, Windows, and Android devices may use it.

4. Noxian Nights

Another option for Corruption of Champions xianxia is Noxian Nights. The game parodies League of Legends and follows Riven on her journey to get revenge on her fallen allies.

The themes of the game’s stage revolve around vengeance, triumph, romance, or desire. Riven will gain new companions, discover a new mission in life, and learn more about the town of Castrum and the mysteries that lurk underneath it as she sets out to exact revenge on her fallen allies.

5. Monster Girl Dreams

Monster Girl Dreams is the next game on the list of the best games similar to Corruption of Champions kiha. It is a text-based role-playing game created with Ren’Py. Many of the female characters in this game have character art. The majority of the text-based material in the game is standard and includes femdom, monster girls, and male/female interactions.

The protagonist of this game is a male explorer who recently graduated from Adventum, a school for explorers. As a player, your goal is to explore Lucidia, the continent that the monster females call home, in quest of riches or to resist being beaten. You must vanquish the Demon Queen to achieve your ultimate goal.

6. Torn

One of the greatest games similar to Corruption of Champions (CoC) is Torn. Torn is arguably the most popular text-based game, boasting over 2 million concurrent players. one of the rare examples of a massively multiplayer text-based online RPG, in addition to being one of the most well-known text-based games.

This game will probably appeal to those who like Grand Theft Auto. As long as they have the proper finances, players in Torn have the freedom to do anything they want and travel wherever they want. It has a moderate learning curve, making it accessible to most players, and the gameplay is compelling. The ideal illustration of a game without fancy graphics is Torn.

7. Free Cities

Free Cities should be your next game if you like to go towards sexual fantasy games like Corruption of Champions.
The fantasy setting of The Free Cities is sexual, much like that of games like The Corruption of Champions. Free Cities, on the other hand, varies greatly from the Corruption of Champions since it adds slavery management.

Nine city-states located around Essos’ western coast are the focus of the narrative. They routinely engage in commerce and interaction with the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Despite the lack of individual customizations, the boosters you get for each achievement are quite incredible.

8. The Poor Whore

One of the greatest text-based games like Corruption of Champions is The Poor Whore. A fantasy medieval whore simulator is the game. That is real, I assure you. The premise is that you are a whore with murky origins who is poor and just has the rags on your back to your name. To work at the nearby brothel, you move to the town of Ovavulvaville. To become the most well-known whore in the country is your life’s ambition. Adoration and Infamy, two attributes that can help you achieve this, are used to boost your reputation. The game has several customizing choices and second-person sex interactions. This game may be downloaded and played using the first-person perspective on a computer running the Windows operating system.

9. Space Paws

Another fantastic game to play instead of Corruption of Champions is Space Paws. The game is flash-based. A sexual sci-fi adventure game called Space Paws allows players to explore several worlds, like Dog Planet, Cat Planet, Ytsunne (which is home to anthropomorphic foxes), and other planets, while also having sensual interactions with other individuals.

Popular characters in this game include you, the protagonist, Alison, a fellow traveler, Roselyn, the ruler of the Dog Planet, Nobet, the ruler of the Cat Planet, etc.

10. Harem Hotel

A text-based game with a unique idea is called Harem Hotel. In this game, the player controls a hotel that has a harem, and you must appoint various ladies to the harem. You inherit the “Harem Hotel,” a hotel where 8 stunning ladies dwell, and that is how the story starts! To draw visitors, make them friends, listen to their experiences, and train them, your hotel needs renovations and upgrades.

Like Corruption of Champions, one of the most well-known games, Harem Hotel features fully animated and finished scenes, a variety of attributes and qualities to create and unlock, several clothes to employ, and distinctive characters.

11. Summertime Saga

In the dating sim game Summertime Saga, which is situated in a tiny village, players can have sex with a variety of different characters. There are more than 30 places and 50 characters in this game.

This game’s story is about A young guy who is about to start college and is affected by the loss of his father in this little suburban town setting. He finds out that his father owed money to a bunch of unscrupulous crooks under strange circumstances. The plot of the game develops.

12. Carnal Souls

Our following game is Carnal Souls, which belongs to the same genre as Corruption of Champions. It is an open-world, RPG-based adventure game with lots of sensual experiences. You must be an adult if you’re seeking games like Corruption of Champions 1. Being an adult is wonderful since you may play sensual and adult games without any limitations. The fighting in this game will have anyone who adored the Witcher series in mind. Even if it’s only a game, the captivating plot will have you playing it for a while.

Despite having a text-based narrative, there is a lot of explicit stuff to be seen when playing Carnal Souls. This game includes elements like character customization, the ability to explore the virtual environments in the game, treasure hunts, and the ability to unearth hidden storylines in addition to a wonderful plot.

13. Euphoria

One of the finest substitutes for Corruption of Champions is euphoria. In this game, the player is abandoned on an island and must find a way to live and prosper while interacting with other personalities.

You will be required to choose between a few important options on the isolated island as the game develops. Your ending will be drastically different depending on your decisions, and you’ll learn a tonne of information that you weren’t previously aware of. This game is amazing because of that. The replay value is a fantastic concept that very few text-based games offer. You can investigate different results by using the “replay” button.

14. Kingdom of Loathing

The Kingdom of Loathing is the next game in our list of the top 10 games like Corruption of Champions. It is a browser-based multiplayer text-based role-playing game created and run by Asymmetric Publications. In this game, you may create your team and communicate with it through chatting.

You must first choose your character’s gender before selecting one of six classes from the list: Seal Clubber, Sauceror, Turtle Tamer, Disco Bandit, Accordion Thief, and Pastamancer. To get prizes, experience points, skills, collectibles, and other items, the player must engage in a fight with and vanquish the monsters.

15. Arcanum

Arcanum might be your next game for a comparable amount of excitement and adventure if you’re seeking games similar to Corruption of Champions. Arcanum and Fallout are comparable in that you level up in specific skill sets as opposed to predetermined character classes in Arcanum.

The old magical realm and cutting-edge technology collide in Arcanum’s setting. Arcanum is a deviation from traditional sword and sorcery tales in that gangster elves fight against industrialist dwarves, nasty fairies, and evil wizards along with a lot of other characters.

16. Lilith’s Throne

In the fantasy setting of Lilith’s Throne, the player can interact with a variety of people and travel to numerous settings. The narrative of the video game Lilith’s Throne centers around your entry into another reality, and your ultimate objective is to figure out how to get back home. You would like every aspect of this experience. Although the game’s characters include both humans and demons, much of its stuff is very hairy, so if that’s not your thing, you can just skip it.

17. The Company

Another excellent game like Corruption of Champions porn game is The Company. In this text-based game, players manage a business and have romantic interactions with various staff.

The ability to utilize cheat codes to unlock powerful powers is this game’s strongest feature. Simply state that you’ve played the game previously upon starting, then start inputting cheat codes. Some of the cheat codes include:

  • Glittering Prizes: $5,000,000 to begin the game.
  • Starting the game with John already transformed into Chanel is CHANELNUMBER5
  • XYZZYSPOON – The starting stamina for the game is 20.
  • Start the game with 9,999 days of birth control using IDCLIP.
  • Start the game with 30x MCS-1, MCS-2, and MCS-3 in BLACKSHEEPWALL.
  • WHORUNBARTERTOWN: The game begins with 5,000x the amount of all lab supplies.
  • ZZTOP – The game starts with every piece of clothes and toy unlocked.
  • Set all serum cooldowns to one day with FASTPASS. 10CCSOFTITS.
  • Start as Sissy, BESTBOI
  • EMPERORSNEWCLOTHES – The primary cast begins without clothing.

18. Trials in Tainted Space

Trails in Tainted Space is the next game on the list of games like Corruption of Champions. Trials in Tainted Space is a no-cost interactive text role-playing hentai game where the user finds new adventures and engages in sexual activity with other players. Everything starts with a ship that a dying father leaves behind.

This game is also known as TITS because of the acronym.

19. The Allure of Wanton Cove

A Lovecraftian horror game is this. The same type of dread is what this tale is supposed to be. It aims to evoke the gloomy, hopeless horror and invite participation in the Cthulhu Mythos. In the video game The Allure of Wanton Cove, the protagonist unearths a sinister supernatural truth while exploring a seaside community.

A detective becomes fascinated with a murder in this interesting game but subsequently cools down because it costs him a lot of money. I won’t give any spoilers since I don’t want to ruin the game for you.

20. The Dreamhold

Following Corruption of Champions on the list of games like it is The Dreamhold. It is a completely text-based game that is quite obscure. Players have the option to use the game’s built-in instructional mode, which is not particularly user-friendly when the game first launches.

Newcomers might be surprised by the volume of text and the dearth of visual signals, but seasoned players will recognize every part of this game. Many would say that the main appeal of games in the text fantasy genre is that they force players to utilize their imaginations, and The Dreamhold is a game that does just that.


If you prefer text-based games with an element of adventure, the list of games similar to Corruption of Champions above can help you discover your true passion for this genre. The aforementioned video games give players authentic experiences and indoor amusement. Let’s hope you have a lot of alternatives for games like Corruption of Champions now. Visit, download them if necessary, or take them online.

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