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Top 6 Best Fixes For Google TV Remote Not Working

For Google TV to work on any smart TV, a Google Chromecast must be plugged in. what is Google TV is already installed on other TVs. Today, I’ll explain how to fix a Google TV remote that isn’t working. Remotes, like any technology, might suffer issues from time to time.

The batteries need to be checked first to make sure they are not dead. The remote might need to be repaired if it becomes unpaired after that. Install the Google TV app on your smartphone and enable the usage of your phone as a remote control. After that, if it’s available, update the OS to the most recent version.

Top 6 Best Fixes For Google TV Remote Not Working:

There could be several causes for your Google TV remote to stop working. Low battery, connection issues, and a broken remote are a few typical explanations. You might attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Replace the batteries: Ensure that the remote’s batteries are brand-new and properly charged. Try swapping them out for fresh ones.
  • Look into the connection: Make sure your Google TV is paired with the remote. Try pairing the remote again if the connection is broken.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote to reset it, then press and hold the “Pairing” button for five seconds. Reinstall the batteries after pressing the button.
  • Use the Google TV app as a remote: If your remote is still not working, try using the Google TV app on your smartphone.

Google TV Remote Not Working:

A straightforward remote with just a few buttons is included with a Google Chromecast. However, a TV that has google chromecast with Google TV installed on it has a unique remote that is exclusive to that type of TV. Here’s how to fix either type of remote control if it stops working or doesn’t function right away.

You can restart a Google Chromecast remote or a smart TV remote that runs Google TV. Start with this step if the batteries don’t need to be replaced because they might be flat. Verify that the remote is now working when you restart your TV and Chromecast.

After that, ensure the remote is paired in the Google TV settings, check to see if there is an OS update or a remote update in the Google TV settings, and then factory reset your device. I’ll explain each of these steps, which apply specifically to a Google Chromecast remote and a remote for a Smart TV running Google TV. Each of the steps has the potential to fix the issue, so keep that in mind. Therefore, after finishing each step, attempt to use your remote once more to determine if it is now working correctly.

1. Verify the batteries aren’t completely drained

This step requires little explanation. However, it’s crucial to check this first. Simply remove the batteries by removing the cover on the remote’s back. Replace the back cover, put in a fresh pair of batteries, and then attempt to use your remote.

It’s possible to employ some extra old batteries from another remote control or gadget, but it’s ideal to use brand-new batteries to be certain. Additionally, verify that the batteries are installed correctly. They might have been tampered with by idling hands when you weren’t looking. Or perhaps you accidentally put them in backward.

2. Reboot the Google Chromecast remote or smart TV remote

Rebooting a Google Chromecast remote is possible. The remote can frequently be rebooted if you’re using a smart TV with Google TV installed. Here is a first example of how to use a Google Chromecast remote. Remove the batteries from the remote, advises the official Google support website.

Then, on the remote, press and hold the “Home” button. Put the batteries back in while holding the “Home” button. Until the solid LED light starts to flash, continue to hold the ‘Home’ button. Release the button marked “Home” after that.

3. The remote has been accidentally deleted from the settings

Only use this step if your device is a Google Chromecast, which comes with the tiny white Google remote. Installing the Google TV remote app on your smartphone will allow you to use your smartphone as a remote for this step as well as the ones to come. If only one button on your remote isn’t working, you might not need to do anything. Installing the Google TV remote button on your smartphone will turn your smartphone into a remote control for your TV if none of the buttons are working.

Install the Google Home app on an iOS smartphone or tablet. The Google TV remote isn’t yet available as an app in the Apple App Store. However, Google Home is an appealing choice that can be set up to function as a remote control for your Google TV vs roku. Downloading the google tv vs Android TV app is an additional option for iOS devices.

Do the following steps once you have either the app and can use your smartphone or the remote is partially working. Using the Google TV remote app on your smartphone, select Settings by tapping the right arrow button and moving to the right. Once settings have been chosen, select “Remotes & accessories > Pair remote or accessory.” The Google TV remote will be found when you select that.

Hold the “Home” button and the “Back” button together to pair it. The back button, which is located just above the home button, has a left-pointing arrow on it. The central button on your smartphone’s remote must then be pressed. It must be on your smartphone rather than the main button on your Google TV remote control since otherwise it won’t work.

The remote that was discovered while scanning will now be selected. A loading graphic will then show up on your TV. After a short period, it will remain paired. Your Google Chromecast remote should now be working when that has been completed.

3. Enable all of the buttons on the remote in the Google TV settings

If you’re using a Google Chromecast, you might just need to complete this step. It’s likely to work with a smart TV that runs Google TV as well. I haven’t personally confirmed this, though. However, this step is quite simple to complete and will only take a few seconds to check.

Navigate to the Google TV’s settings by scrolling to the far right of the screen. Select one of the choices listed below: Accessories and remotes > Configuring remote buttons > Select “TV” when adding a device. Choose the brand of your TV. Select Samsung from the list of TVs that appear, for instance, if it’s a Samsung TV. You will then have three settings: input, power, and volume.

Pick one by one from each of them. It will show you some on-screen prompts to configure each button on your remote when you do. When you select volume, for instance, an audio track is played and you are prompted to use your remote to turn the volume up and down.

4. Restart Google TV from the Google TV settings

When you restart the Google TV operating system as a whole, all of the apps close, but when you open them again later, your Google TV remote may start working once again. It’s possible that one of the apps is to blame for a problem with the Google TV operating system. A bug that hasn’t been found yet may occur while you open and close apps and perform other actions, causing your Google TV remote to freeze and stop working. Any faults in the Google TV software can be fixed by restarting the Google TV operating system, which begins everything over from scratch.

You shouldn’t frequently need to perform this. For a wide variety of issues, it is a relatively common fix. It is therefore undoubtedly worthwhile to attempt. Select “System” from the menu under Settings to do this.

Select “Restart” after scrolling to the bottom. The Google TV operating system will be closed and then reopened.

5. Reboot your Google Chromecast and/or TV

Numerous apps that might be open in the background are used by a Google Chromecast. Some apps may freeze or have a fatal error in the background after some time of use. All of the apps and the Google TV operating system will start over if you perform a “hard” reset of your Chromecast device. It only takes unplugging a Chromecast from the wall outlet to accomplish this.

An HDMI cable from your TV is plugged into a Google Chromecast, which is then connected to a wall socket with a power wire. It can be turned off at the wall or unplugged from the outlet. This will turn it off. After about 30 seconds, plug it back in and wait for it to power back on. With a smart TV running Google TV, the same thing can potentially occur.

As a result, you should unplug it or turn it off at the wall before turning it back on.

6.Check for a Google TV OS or Google TV remote update in the settings

The issue can be brought on by an upcoming software update for the Google TV remote control or your operating system. Go back to Settings and select ‘System’ > ‘About’ > ‘Check for software update’ to check if there is a pending software update. It will check to see if there is a software update available and then prompt you to install it in less than a minute or two. If a software update is available for the remote, you can check it in a different location.

This can be found in the default settings on the ‘Remotes & Accessories’ tab. “Remote up to date” will be the first option. If not, a check for updates option will be available, or it will say that an update is ready to be installed. To check, update, or delete it, you must then select that option.

Google TV Remote Volume Not Working

A Google TV remote cannot have all of its buttons working. Alternatively, only a portion of the buttons may be working. A few steps must be made to make the volume button work correctly, as it cannot be set up correctly.

From the home screen, select ‘Remote and Accessories’ under Settings. Select “Add device,” “TV,” and then “Set up remote buttons.” Your TV type should be selected. To configure and set up the volume button, select the “Volume” option that will appear after that.

To verify that everything is working correctly, it will play some music and prompt you to turn it up and down. The volume button will then function normally. Installing the Android TV app on a smartphone may be required to complete this step. If the navigation buttons on your Google TV remote aren’t working, you might need to do this. You may use your smartphone as a remote for your TV by installing the Android tv vs google tv.

Google TV Remote Keeps Disconnecting

A Google TV remote’s connection usually lasts for a while. There’s a possibility that you’ll experience a disconnect issue. When this app occurs, follow these instructions. By removing the batteries and holding the “home” button, you can restart the Google TV remote. Put the batteries back in while holding the home button, and continue to do so until the LED light at the bottom of the remote’s front starts flashing. Release the home button after that.

Remove the remote control from the paired devices in roku vs Google TV if the issue still exists after that. then add it once more. On your Google TV channels, navigate to the Settings menu from the home screen to complete this. selecting “Remotes & accessories” after that. Your current remote will be displayed on that screen.

Google TV Remote Not Turning On/Off TV

Your TV can be turned off with a Google TV remote. It must first be configured, though. The steps below will explain how to use your Google TV remote to turn your TV on and off when it has stopped working or never worked. In other circumstances, it may already be configured.

‘Remote and accessories’ can be found under the Settings menu. Select the ‘Set up remote buttons’ option after you open this menu. Select your favored TV brand from the list after clicking “Add a TV.” Select the “power” option after that, and it will guide you through turning it on.

It will start working after you enable it. Additionally, your remote might have stalled and require a restart. At the very beginning of this essay, I explain how to achieve that. Find step two, “2. Reboot the Google Chromecast remote or smart TV remote,” by scrolling up. and adhere to the guidelines there.

Try “forgetting” the remote from your Google TV tcl and then adding it again if you’re still experiencing issues. The video named “Chromecast with Google TV” that is displayed above explains how to achieve that. Turn your Chromecast on or off with Google TV by following these simple instructions.

Google TV Remote Not Responding

Once a remote control for Google TV is set up and paired with your Google Chromecast, there are very few issues. However, there are a few troubleshooting steps you should do if your Google TV Chromecast remote or any Google TV remote for a TV that has Google TV installed on it isn’t responding. Here are the details:

Put in a fresh pair of batteries to get started. This will also reset your Google TV remote, which will help fix the issue. By unplugging them, you can turn on and off the TV and Google Chromecast. You may need to pair the Google TV remote again because it may have unpaired for no apparent reason.

If not, either the Google Chromecast hasn’t been enabled in the settings, the TV needs to be reset, or the remote control is broken. At the start of this essay, I explain each of these troubleshooting steps as well as how to perform them. ‘1 Verify the batteries are not entirely exhausted’ is the first step. Up until your Google TV remote starts working, perform each of the steps one at a time.

Put the batteries back in after taking them out. Then restart your TV and Google Chromecast by turning them back on at the wall outlet. Verify the remote is correctly set up in the “remote and accessories” option in the Google TV settings after that.

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