Top 8 Best Portable & Automatic Latte Machine For Home & Beginners

The best latte machines for 2021 are explained in this post. Finding the best home latte machine is challenging. Rich espresso, silky steamed milk, and velvety microfoam combined to create a wonderful beverage. According to Felix Torres, a barista partner with De’Longhi, a latte technically consists of 8 to 10 ounces of milk, about a three-quarter-inch layer of foam on top, and a free shot of espresso (or a double for more taste and caffeine). It’s challenging to create lattes and cappuccinos because of that accuracy: Is it really necessary to purchase both an espresso machine and a milk frother to make a latte that matches your preferred coffee shop?

How we test latte machines?

Brew time, consistency, taste, noise level, and accessibility are all factors in our evaluation of latte machines. We searched through more than 20 espresso machines in the lab, producing more than 60 espresso drinks in the process. To assess the milk ratio of the setting and the degree of the foaming, we tested the timing and temperature of several espressos and produced lattes using both skim and oat milk. Our top options were quick to heat up, brew, and froth, easy to use, and easy to set up. The best machines made lattes that were creamy, balanced and had depth. We preferred latte machines that make rich, flavorful espresso (hello, crema!) and quickly and quietly froth both milk and milk substitutes. The milk should be produced by the frother in a deliciously creamy, heated, and foam-free state.

What is the difference between espresso and latte machine?

An espresso machine plus an integrated milk frother forms a latte machine, which typically also brews other espresso-based beverages like cappuccinos, Americanos, etc. Some variants also brew drip coffee. At the touch of a button, they can make espresso, a potent, concentrated version of coffee served in short shots, as well as heat and froth milk. They’re an excellent investment if you prefer espresso beverages to drip coffee or if your home has a wide range of tastes.

What type of milk works in a latte machine?

Any type of milk will work, however, not all milk types will produce the same rich, creamy foam with small bubbles (referred to as microfoam), which is regarded as the lattes’ quintessential texture. Whole, dairy milk is the best kind of milk. To create microfoam, it has the ideal ratio of fat, protein, sugar, and water. Remember that the molecular composition of different whole milk brands might vary, so feel free to try out several cartons to find your personal favorite.

Although skim and low-fat milk tend to produce larger bubbles and lack the richness of whole milk, you will still receive some foam. The proportions of fat, protein, and sugar in non-dairy milk substitutes vary greatly: some contain additional oils and thickeners that produce foam that is similar to that of whole milk, while others are mostly water and produce very little foam. Therefore, if non-dairy milk is your chosen option, you will need to experiment with several types and brands to get the right latte consistency. The best solution, in our opinion, is oat milk.

Why trust Good Housekeeping?

As an assistant editor for the Good Housekeeping Test culinary, Samantha MacAvoy has tested a wide range of cooking tools, including espresso machines, coffee grinders, latte makers, and more. For this report, she sought advice from Nicole Papantoniou, director of the Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Nicole managed the evaluation of all brewing equipment, including coffee makers, espresso makers, and Nespresso machines. This story was previously worked on by Myo Quinn. Chef Myo also works as a product tester and culinary writer. She has written about single-serve coffee makers and coffee accessories among other kitchen-related topics.

Top 8 Best Portable & Automatic Latte Machine For Home & Beginners:

Here are some details regarding the best latte machine that you can learn about in this article:

Thank goodness for latte makers. These coffee makers can brew espresso as well as froth milk, which means they can also prepare other espresso-based drinks like coffee and macchiatos.

We evaluated them based on their consistency, taste, loudness, and simplicity of use and cleaning. We also tested their brew, foam, and preheating times. We choose latte machines that quickly and quietly froth both milk and alternative milk while producing a smooth and good-tasting espresso (hello there crema!). The milk must be produced by the frother in a way that is hot, silky, and luscious with just the right quantity of foam. The following are our top choices for the best keurig latte machine:

1. Espresso Maker

It’s easy to use and consistently produces delicious lattes with this espresso machine. It is a fantastic financial investment for around $100. For single-shot, double-shot, or soft coffee pods (coffee in a tea bag-like circular paper filter), ground coffee is required. The removable water reservoir has a capacity of around 50 ounces and is made of BPA-free plastic. You can choose how much espresso you want by starting and stopping the development of the coffee (it does not stop immediately). An easy-to-use dial also allows you to control the quantity of steam produced to heat or create foam in your milk.

2. Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

The Capresso Pump is an excellent option for beginners who might be confused by the intimidating-looking buttons and an overwhelming number of button choices on most latte machines. It includes an on/off button and a dial that may be turned left to make espresso or right to make coffee foam. I’m done now! The portafilter’s double-wall basket is also more forgiving—great espresso doesn’t require perfectly consistently ground coffee beans.

Customers like how quiet this device is since the high-pitched sound of a frother can be frightening to beginners. Drinks can be kept warmer for a longer period by using the maker’s top as a passive cup warmer. Ground coffee and soft coffee pods can be used, and it includes a 46-ounce removable water reservoir.

3. K-Cafe Special Edition Single Serves Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker

This latte machine creates “espresso-style” coffee by creating a concentrated shot of coffee from your chosen K-cup (or the Keurig reusable coffee filter, which is sold separately). Its removable water tank has a capacity of 60 ounces. This covered stainless-steel frother was the easiest to use of all the latte machines we tested, and we liked it the most. It has three settings (cold, latte, and coffee), and with just a touch of a button, it foams milk till it is foamy. For lattes, there is a sizable fill line inside the frother (approximately 6 ounces). It is easy to operate, quick, and silent. The best at home latte machine thing, exactly? It can go in the dishwasher.

4. Bambino Plus Espresso Maker

In our tests, we loved how quickly the easy-to-use maker heated up, how quickly espresso was brewed, and how quickly the frother produced hot milk with great microfoam. This means you may perhaps get the best latte in less than two minutes! It makes it easy to create your latte by allowing you to set the milk’s temperature and the amount of foam. After each use, the frother immediately flushes the inside with clean, warm water to avoid clogging.

Not only was the Breville Bambino Plus one of the most portable latte makers we evaluated, but it also has the largest water tank (64 ounces), which means less refilling. The double-wall basket in the portafilter, which is more forgiving than the single-wall filters found in most espresso makers and helps produce a decent espresso even when the coffee is unevenly ground, is one of its best latte machine for home features.

5. La Specialista

Important bells and whistles included with the La Specialista make up for its higher price point. For either a single or double shot of espresso, the built-in mill precisely calculates the quantity of ground coffee required. The built-in tamper removes the stress of having to get it perfect since evenly compacted coffee grounds result in perfectly extracted flavor. We also appreciate how quickly it reheats, how it cleans itself, and how it notifies you when a descale is necessary.

To move small cups closer to the espresso spout, which is important for fuller crema, it includes a 34-ounce removable water tank and a pull-down tray. Both the espresso maker and the frother performed admirably during our tests. The espresso had a great taste and crema, and the frother was easy to clean. Another great feature is that De’Longhi provides a collection of incredibly helpful how-to videos that show you how to utilize this maker and give advice on how to create latte art.

6. Creatista Plus Espresso Machine

Our editor, Jessica Teich, enjoys making her daily latte with the Creatista Plus, which is positioned on the coffee station in our testing lab. She says that she “likes that this design has different brewing sizes and simple settings for whatever drink.” Latte, latte macchiato, and flat white are among the eight coffee choices available. 4 texture levels and 11 temperature choices are available with the self-cleaning frother. Teich took into account the fact that the milk might warm up on the frother quite quickly, thus we advise starting with the lowest temperature setting and gradually raising it until you find the ideal one.

7. One-Touch Coffeehouse Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Easy to set up and prime, the Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker warms up quickly and is enjoyable to use nespresso latte machine. With the touch of a button, this device simultaneously produces great-tasting espresso and fully-frothed milk. It includes two detachable tanks, one for milk and the other for water, both of which may be stored in the fridge. You can launch hot foamy milk into your cup by pointing the frothing wand in its direction. The fact that the steaming milk did not splash onto our counter impressed us. The quantity of foam created can be adjusted using a dial on the milk cylinder. At the touch of a button, the frothing tubes can be cleaned. After each usage, we suggest washing it (then putting it in the refrigerator).

8. Espresso Machine

The SMEG is the machine to choose if you’re looking for a small latte maker with a statement-making retro design (it comes in seven other colors, too). It measures just six inches wide, twelve inches high, and thirteen inches deep. In addition to a 33-ounce removable water tank, it includes three filters for single-shot, double-shot, and soft coffee capsules. For single shots, double shots, and frothing, there are only three buttons in the easy control functions. We discovered that there is an intricate array of button presses required to set individual settings such as temperature, the quantity of coffee brewed, auto-off time, and water hardness. We advise having the manual close at hand!

During testing, we discovered that a fine/medium grind size (rather than the finer grind typically used for espresso) produced the best espresso. We urge you to experiment with different grind sizes starting with a fine grind (like salt) until you achieve the best results.

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